What is SmartHop?

An AI-powered dispatcher that helps truckers plan, search, and book loads. We can analyze and compare thousands of loads in a matter of minutes to get the right loads and increase your revenue.

What are SmartHop’s products and services?

We have two services: 1) Full dispatching service, for truckers that need help with the booking and paperwork of the operation; 2) Self-service tool, for truckers that can manage their own dispatching but need a powerful engine to find loads.

How much does SmartHop cost?

For our Dispatching Service, we charge a fee between 1% to 5% of the gross price of the load. For our Self-service tool, we have a monthly subscription plan. But it's your lucky day because we are now giving it for free.

Do I need to be a Carrier to use SmartHop?

Yes. Remember that this Planning Tool is for Truck Owner Operators, Trucking Companies, and Third-Party Logistic Companies, to help them plan and search for loads to haul.

Do I have to sign a long-term contract?

Nope. You can delete your account anytime you want. Just send us a message and will erase your information from our platform.

How many Trucks can I plan for?

You can plan for as many trucks as you want. All you have to do is add them to the Trucks section so you can select each vehicle when planning.

Who is the owner of the Loads inside SmartHop?

SmartHop is just a tool the gives you options of loads to book. We are not the owners of the loads. For each solution that SmartHop provides you, a call must be made to the Broker or load owner to book it.

How do you determine the best possible load?

We determine by analyzing (day and night) thousands of trips per second; we take into account empty miles, RPM, distance, idle times, etc. Also, we predict the likelihood of getting another good nearby-load on the next destination. The goal is to maximize the profit of your operations by choosing the best load.