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Smarter, Faster Decisions
for Spot Market Loads

You move America's economy. It's not fair for you to struggle to find a good paying load.

We're building Tools that help Truckers and Small Carriers make better and faster decisions when planning on the Spot Market.

In only 3 steps you can be improving your numbers.


Where are you?

Enter when & where you'll be empty.


Market Analysis

Our Artificial Intelligence does the analysis in the background and suggests the best Loads & Strategies.


Book Load

You Book the Load that best fits your needs.


load sources in One

Your One-Stop-Shop for load searching. We integrate with top freight brokers that have great shipper loads, so you have the best choice of Dry Van and Reefer loads to move across the US.


Tailored load suggestions

The goal is to find you a good load fast. So, based on your origin, date, HOS, type of trips you like, we suggest loads fitted with your context.


Truck performance analysis

We keep track of your truck performance so that you know how your business is doing and what are the steps to increase profitability.


Strategies based on market data

Our technology analyzes market trends and translates them into Plain English. Suggesting strategies that benefit your truck now and towards the future.


Digital booking

Eliminating phone calls from the booking process is a huge time saver. No more back-and-forth negotiations, complete transparency.

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