What is SmartHop
and how does it work?

SmartHop is a 100% FREE Artificial Freight Dispatching Tool that helps the Trucking companies make smart decisions when planning & matching loads. We can search, analyze and compare thousands of loads and paths to increase your revenues and achieve your goals.


Select the Origin from where your truck is departing


Select the date when your truck will be empty


Generate your Load Plan and book better loads

Recommendations will appear for When, Where and Who has the best loads.

What you'll get from SmartHop?

Why give it for free?

It's all about relationship! Our customers deserve an excellent service from us, so we need great Carrier partners. If we're able to help you maximize your profits finding good paying loads, we will guarantee a long-lasting relationship built on trust.

So, join us and take advantage of this superhuman planning tool!

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