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What is SmartHop
and how does it work?

Our automated, freight dispatching platform helps Carriers make smart decisions when planning & booking loads.
We can search, analyze and compare hundreds of thousands of loads and lanes every 5 minute. With this, we spot the best rates and opportunities in the market.

Select Origin

Choose the city and state where your truck will be empty

Select Date

Choose the date and time where your truck will be empty

Generate Plan

We start making an optimized plan for your truck

Pick Best Loads

Start making more money and increase your truck's profits

Don't have the time to dispatch yourself?
Need help with booking & paperwork?

What you'll get from SmartHop?

Multiple load board search

Your One-Stop-Shop for load searching and planning. We integrate with the biggest brokers, load boards, and shippers, so you have the best loads to choose from.

Find the best load in seconds

We analyze thousands of options in just seconds and find the best paying load for your truck. Get the right trips to meet your goals, like magic ($, $ x mi, mi).

The money path

Our unique software creates smart paths based on the route you'll likely get the highest payment. More money in your pocket.

Hop in extra loads

If we can help you keep track of your booked loads, we can also make new offers of additional loads to maximize your revenue.

Let us do the data analysis

Make better decisions and optimize your fleet with the help of our artificial dispatcher. We can analyze more data that anyone in the industry.

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