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This is not the ordinary transportation company with the ordinary marketing job. We are the perfect blend of Technology and Logistics. We are adding a new layer of innovation to the long-needed transportation industry and changing the way transportation is done.

We are looking for dynamic individuals eager to take on the challenge of transforming the growing and thriving logistics industry. The goal is to grow the business by acquiring new customers and build long lasting relationships.

Our technological approach will help you boost your professional marketing knowledge and develop new strengths while disrupting the market.

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Company Description

SmartHop is a company focused in 1) Making transportation affordable for small companies, 2) Maximize the earnings of the truckers, and 3) Achieve fewer miles, less fuel, and fewer emissions.

We are changing the way transportation is done by adding technology innovation. We have an OnRoute Consolidation System that pairs empty spaces of ongoing trips (trucks-on-the-road) with low volume cargo needs from small Shippers. Helping shippers sensitive to prices, carriers looking to make more and brokers focusing on efficiency. By avoiding the inability to ship goods at affordable prices, cutting down transportation cost, and reducing empty truck space. Unlike, simple matchmaking brokers of shippers and truckers that don't distribute value.