We're transforming ground transportation and taking it to the next level.

The problem is: wasted space is traveling all across the US. The immediate economic consequences are: less revenue for truckers and high cost for small shippers.

This is a game changer. At SmartHop we skip the middleman, including the warehouse, to deliver your freight faster, with less consolidation, using available space from trucks on the road.

Avoid truck emissions. Save the planet!

We are building a VERY SIMPLE smart logistics hub network for your benefit.

Shipment specifications

Enter your shipment specifications (Weight, pallets, origin and destination)

Best match

Our app searches for the best match from trucks on-the-road and your load.

Only your pallet

Once the magic's done pay securely only for the pallets you are shipping.

Receive confirmation

Receive confirmation and Pick-Up specifications. Enjoy the savings!

For carriers

We help truckers make more money by maximizing their load space for every mile they're on the road.

Our online platform helps truckers upload their trips information so shippers cand find more ways to deliver their goods. Allowing truckers be more profitable and ride with less empty space.

For shippers

We help shippers reduce their transportation cost by optimizing idle empty spaces from trucks that are already on the road.

Our online data-driven platform helps shippers upload their upcoming shipments and delivery orders, as well as finds the best match in terms of price, time and route.

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